One day when I was walking
a boy came up to me
out of breath from running
and shouting, “Can’t you see?”

He looked to be about seven
with eyes so blue and bright
they sparkled like two sapphires
dancing in the morning light.

He came from out of nowhere
there were no houses near
when I became most curious of
how he had gotten here.

 As I leaned down to him
and we were face to face
I  noticed he was grinning
like he had won a race.

Standing in the morning dew
it felt just like a dream
but then you must remember
things aren’t always what they seem.

 “I wanted to catch up with you,”
is what he said to me,
“’cause I can see the angels
who walk ahead of thee.”

I thought that he was joking
and turned to walk away
but something made me hesitate
enough to hear him say,

“They’ve been given charge of you.”
I thought, “Dear God, what’s this?”,
when right there before my eyes
he disappeared into the mist.

Ever since that moment
through each and every day
I know an angel guards me
until my dying day!

Teresa Marie   12/11/08 – revised 3/20/12 ©

11 thoughts on “Angels

  1. Reblogged this on What about God? and commented:

    This is one of my older poems that I revised a little and decided to put it out there again for your perusal! Hope you enjoy it! – The first time my youngest read it, she asked me “Is this true? Did it really happen to you?” Had to be honest and say “No, puddin’, I just made it up but that would be pretty cool wouldn’t it?” Gotta love the innocent things that children say!!

  2. I think every one has an angel that guide us always through thick and thin. It’s lovely how you put your poem together!

  3. I recycle a lot of mine shame in that just opening up to wider audience.
    I admire your ability and talent thank you for sharing such lovely work with
    those of us that think we have as much talent .

    I am quite partial to angels so this one put a smile on my face.

    1. Thank you Len!! I am too!! I collect angel figurines and have had the honor of being touched by an angel on the shoulder once 🙂 That’s why my daughter thought it was a true story, lol! Blessings, Terri P.S. I’ve read some of your posts, enough to know that you have talent as well!!!


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