Have you ever been consumed by fear

when you sensed the devil was near?

     Felt the hair raise on your arm

     to send out a silent alarm?

          Panicked at the thought of death

           as it stole away your breath?

                Do you believe hell is a place

                at life’s end some must face?

                  Has it ever worried you

                  enough to wonder if it’s true?

                        The Bible has the answers, seek

                        that your faith be not weak.

                             Read the story of it all

                             how Lucifer took his fatal fall.

                                  The Angel of Light chose to sin

                                  due to the pride he held within.

                                        The message that I want to send

                                        is that your soul you must defend.

                                              Change your life before too late

                                             so you can enter heaven’s gate!

                                                                             Teresa Marie   8/2/08

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