In The Blood

It is in the blood
that you find His power

      which is there for you
      at any minute of the hour.

                   And when the enemy sends
                   his demons out from hell

                         to prey upon your soul
                         and in your house to dwell,

                                      if you call upon Him
                                      on this you can rely

                                            His blood was shed for you
                                            the day that Jesus die.

                                                         So it is by His stripes
                                                         that our disease is healed

                                                               and it’s by His blood
                                                               that our salvation’s sealed.

He gave you this weapon
to use it as your sword

      when you go into battle
      with the devil’s demon horde!

                   By the power of our Savior
                   they must bow down to you

                          and then obey immediately
                          what you order them to do.

                                       So when you’re in a battle,
                                       then this is how it’s won –

                                             “Through the blood of Jesus Christ
                                              I order that you be gone!”

Teresa Marie   1/22/11

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