When You Try and Fail

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When you try and fail
what then do you do?
Do you say, “I quit!”,
or keep on pushing through?
     How many times do you
     run into that brick wall
     and hitting it head on
     before you stop it all?
         When you say enough’s enough
          and throw the towel in
          deciding this is one battle
          that you will never win?
               When at your wits end
               how then do you cope,
               hold on to your faith
               and not lose all hope?
                    Do you think the answer
                    is just around the bend?
                    Can you see the Light
                    there at the tunnel’s end?
                         Can you hear the voice
                         that is still and small
                         as it whispers in your ear
                         at every time you fall?
                              Have you tried to listen
                              to what it’s telling you
                              about where all you’ve been
                              and where you’re going to?
                                   There’s hope to be found
                                   in Jesus Christ, the Lord.
                                   He’s the One who answers
                                   and whom I have adored.
                                        You need only trust Him
                                        and call upon Him too,
                                        just have a little faith
                                        ’cause He has faith in you!

Teresa Marie   2/11/11 ©


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