Out of Addiction

As you start getting into drugs
you try to forget it’s a crime,
but associating with nefarious thugs
only makes it a matter of time

Before you have been sucked in
then an inch becomes a mile
that’s when you stick out your chin
and paste on a phony smile.

While all the deeper you sink
in the mire of addiction
you don’t allow yourself to think
life’s become a work of fiction.

Telling a “white lie” here and there
you don’t feel hurts anyone
but pretending that you don’t care
only makes it harder to run.

From yourself you can only hide
in the shadows of your mind
looking at it from any side
the truth gets harder to find.

By then you see it’s too late
for any attempt to slow down
through neglect you’ve sealed your fate
that in your addiction you’ll drown.

Meanwhile your debts continue to grow
and you begin hustling faster
which increases the people you owe
as you charge head-long for disaster.

Right before you crash and burn
reality hits like a sledgehammer
that you have nowhere to turn
leaving you to sputter and stammer.

You can’t talk your way out
of the fine mess you’ve made
the consequences of which no doubt
would eventually have to be paid.

Self-inflicted wounds are the worst
for anyone to have to suffer
can’t try claiming you’ve been cursed
looking for some kind of buffer

You can use to soften the blows
to your fragile esteem and pride
when truth is only heaven knows
the depth of your pain held inside.

In the midst of your despair
you pray for God’s mercy and grace
and that He’d send angels there
to remove you from this place.

When there’s nothing left in you
the devastation’s work is complete
then rivers of Living Water do
give Life that death can’t defeat.

While Jesus draws you so close
you almost hear His heart beat
protecting you from hell’s blows
to knock you off your feet.

With Him there is found peace
in the gentle warmth of His arms
that you know will never cease
as you succumb to His charms!

Teresa Marie   5/17/09 – 3/29/12 ©

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