A Question About Grace, Why?

 Why does God give us grace?  I use this expression often, “but for the grace of God go I.”  I truly mean it every time that I say it but it seems to echo through my soul.  And so I ask again, why does God give us grace?

There seems to be no end to the grace that He will bestow on a person either.  If that wasn’t true, I would have used up my grace quota a long time ago.  I say this most earnestly to you, “but for the grace of God” I would not still be here today or I would be in prison.  There is no if, and or but about it.  I am so unworthy to have so richly received all of the blessings that I have and grace is just the beginning.

I know that we cannot earn grace or blessings or miracles.  I just have to stop and wonder about it sometimes.  That a wretched sinner like me could be on the receiving end of His grace and love boggles my mind.

I realize that His ways are higher than ours and we aren’t meant to understand, but still…. why have I been so immensely covered by His grace?  He has protected me, blessed me, healed me, given His Son for me, forgiven me, redeemed me and the list goes on, but why?  It always comes back to me asking why?

I’ve committed adultery, had an abortion, did a lot of drugs, dealt drugs, lied, stolen, and still He covers me with His grace, why?  This could go on forever like a merry-gp-round, round and round she goes!

This is what I have determined, it doesn’t matter why.  It is a gift from the Almighty God and who am I to question His motives?  He doesn’t have human thoughts or emotions, so I need to stop trying to compare Him to us.  It can’t be done, therefore it’s a worthless pursuit.

Grace is a gift to be received gratefully.  Once accepted, we owe a debt of thanksgiving to the Giver.  It’s truly as simple as that.  We make it more complicated than it is.  And so I am left to say…

Thank You Father, thank You Jesus, thank You Holy Spirit for covering me with Your grace.  All glory and honor be Yours forever and ever.  Amen.

Always remember that Jesus died for us because He loves us!

May God bless and keep you,
Teresa Marie

One thought on “A Question About Grace, Why?

  1. Teresa Marie–wow. Beautifully said! I appreciate your transparency. I have also been blessed by His grace. Why? I guess it is because He is who He says He is. And sharing the message of His grace with others is what we all need to be about. Thank you for posting this! Look forward to seeing more! Liz

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