Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart, wait, I say, on the Lord.      Psalms 27:14 (TLB)

So please, “wait on the Lord”
as this great king once said.
Let his wisdom to you afford
how not to lose your head.

Get started early in the morn’
while the day is yet new.
When the sun has been re-born
and the grass is covered with dew.

Now “be of good courage” too
it’ll make your burden much lighter.
So allow me to encourage you
live on the side that’s brighter.

Know you not fear’s a disease
that is painful to go through?
Where will you find your ease
when the devil is tormenting you?

Well, “he shall strengthen thine heart.”
Keep your focus on God above,
who does set his people apart
to receive His blessings of love.

Do you suppose it’s too hard?
Do you believe there’s no way?
Do you just give no regard
to what David had to say?

“Wait I say,” what’s the hurry?
Don’t you want to find out,
why you don’t need to worry
and free yourself from that doubt?

All fear grows like a weed
That got started in fertile ground,
on your worry it does feed
before you know it’s all around.

On the Lord you can depend
He will come to you anywhere,
as the close and loyal friend
that never fails to be there!

On Jesus you can always rely,
lift up your hands and pray.
If with your heart you do cry
He hears every word that you say.

Come to Him with all humility,
ask that He will forgive you.
For only Jesus has the ability
to cleanse your sins away too!

Teresa Marie   5/24/09

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