What You Desire?

When it is Jesus we desire                                 That in Him we may abide
Let to us the Word inspire                                 Walking with Him side by side

For it’s through thick and thin                         When times are good and bad
Which reveals our strength within                 That we never knew we had

Then it matter not the loss                                 We press on for the crown
After we take up our cross                                  May we never lay it down

For if it’s Christ we do follow                             We must bear a heavy load
Through the hill and hollow                               There will be no easy road

Let not your heart to harden                              From it set all hatred free
No promise of a rose garden                              Was ever made to you or me

After going through trials in life                        And coming out the other side
We see the hope found in strife                         Was when Jesus walked beside

From the abundance of His love                        Rivers of Living Water do flow
Out from the very heavens above                     That in Jesus we may grow!

Teresa Marie     3/15/09

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