A Prayer For Freedom From Fear

I went on Kenneth Copeland Ministries website for prayer and pulled up the Freedom From Fear page and here is what was there:

Father, I pray for my partners. I hold them up before you.  And I stand on your Word, most especially today.  In the 112th Psalm to strengthen us together today, Lord.  We fix our hearts, trusting in you.  We are not afraid of evil tidings.  They don’t frighten us. No, no.  We release our faith, not fear.  We stand on your Word.  Jesus said to Jairus at the most disastrous moment of his life, when somebody came up and said, “Your little daughter has died.  You’re too late.  You didn’t make it.  Ah, yes, Jesus probably could have healed her, if He’d have been there.  But there’s no use troubling him any more.  She’s already died.”  Oh, my goodness, blindsided with bad news.  Oh, but Lord Jesus, the Scripture says You answered, you didn’t even give Jairus time to  talk, thank God.  You git in his mouth.  You answered and said, “Fear not, stop the fear.  Stop the fear, and believe only that she shall be made whole.”  Father, we stand on that, we refuse to contaminate our faith with fear, in Jesus’ name.

Now partner, listen to me.  You can do this thing.  Get in the Word, that closet of prayer that the Bible talks about.  Turn that into a life simulator.  The way that we go into flight simulators.  We train the way we fly, and we fly the way we train.  We’ve done and seen all of these emergencies, and some emergencies happen in the airplane, you know exactly what to do, you are no just blindsided.  God told Joshua to mediate in the Word of God, day and night, and that’s exactly the way you do it.  Fear not, believe only, and you shall be made free.  You serve a mighty God who loves you.  You are not a victim, you are a victor.  The victory is ours in Christ Jesus.  God loves you.  And, Jesus is Lord.

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