When the road seems too long,                                        imagine it’s not-
When the mountian seems too high,                             just give it a shot-
When everything seems crazy,                                        that peace is forgot-
When everyone seems to lie,                                            and the truth can’t be bought-

When you feel you’re forgotten,                                     there’s One Who has not-
When you feel desperately alone,                                  there’s One that you’ve got-
When you think that you’re lost,                                    the Shepherd is not-
When you feel made of stone,                                          don’t thrown in your lot-

When you’re beaten and broken,                                    with worry fraught-
When the world seems against you,                              do not be bought-
When your life has been threatened,                            have strength to fear not-
When you’ve nowhere to run to,                                     don’t sit there to rot-

Tell them:

I’ll not cower before you,                                                    I fear you not!
Hear me when I say,                                                              is that all you got!
I have the Lord with me                                                       and you scare me not!
I know there’s a day                                                               this will all be forgot!

Find your courage and strength in the Lord of Hosts!
Teresa Marie  2/23/2012


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