Beautiful God

Do you see God’s beauty
in the world around you?
Can you believe heaven
is more beautiful too?

When I see the sun rise
or when I watch it set,
Wonderful memories
that I’ll never forget.

There is so much beauty
we ignore every day
As we go rushing through
on our own busy way.

We don’t take the time
to stop and look around,
But we keep pushing on
with our eyes to the ground.

We need to look up
to see the clouds there
As they go peacefully
floating through the air.

Consider one moment
a magnificenct rainbow,
Symbol of covenant
God’s faithfulness to show.

When “smelling the roses”
is such a simple thing
In which to take pleasure
that a moment will bring.

God created these joys
along with many more
To give happiness to
the world He does adore.

So before you grumble
stop and look around you.
See the beauty of something
then thank God for it too!

Teresa Marie 8/22/10 – 4/8/12 ©

2 thoughts on “Beautiful God

  1. There’s some excellent info here. If more people were aware of this, the world would be a much happier place! I can clearly see that you’ve invested a lot of effort into this blog. Please keep up the great work; the planet deserves it!

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