What is a marriage made of
if it’s not grounded in love?

And where will it go to
then after you say I do?

If emotion is its only base,
then expectation is what you’ll chase.

Real satisfaction will stand no chance
as around the truth you dance,

That what you had wasn’t love
as you cry out to God above,

Asking Him what you should do
to save what was never true.

For love’s not just an emotion
or some secret kind of potion,

The love between woman and man
that in the garden first began,

Came by removing the rib of one
in creation of the other was done,

That connects them in body and soul
when joined together, they’re made whole.

And your love shall ever abide
until you pass to the other side,

When Another joins in your union
as with Christ you forever communion

Then the bond sealed with a kiss
becomes one of eternal bliss!

Teresa Marie  3/10/11

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