I Weep For You

In the depths of our sorrow
There seems no hope for tomorrow

With the many tears we cry
We are left to question why

That we lost so many dear
When the picture’s no longer clear

How we can make it through
Or know what next to do

When we wonder if God‘s there
And does He not even care

For all you feel is the pain
Will forever in your heart remain

But hear what Jesus is saying
With the love He is displaying

My children, I weep for you
I am mourning with you too

But not for those gone away
For they’re here with Me today

I weep for all of your grief
And your need to find relief

If you will run to Me
My comfort you will see

In My arms I will hold you
And wipe your tears away too

I’ll kiss you on the brow
As I make to you this vow

Come take My gift of peace
And from pain you’ll find release

As I wrap you up in My love
And show what awaits you above

You’ll not mourn for those gone away
For you’ll see them again one day!

Teresa Marie   3/12/11

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