My Tuesday Thoughts – Worthwhile Causes

My nephew, an inactive serviceman, invited me to become a member of a very worthwhile organization today.  Have you ever heard of this:

Patriot Guard Riders
Standing for Those Who Stood for US
My brother, his father, posted a YouTube video on Facebook a little while back that brought me to tears.  (I know I say that a lot but truth is truth.)  I went back to try to download it here but it was gone, darn it.  I really wanted to make it available for you all to see it for yourself back then but short-term memory prevailed and I forgot.  So I will just have to tell you about what I saw and if you want to learn more, you can go to the site noted above.
It was about these veterans, I think there was over 100 of them there, that ride their motorcycles all across America to attend the funerals of fallen servicemen.  I was appalled at the footage that was shot of them at one particular church service.  These family members are grieving for their loved one that was killed in action while serving his country, our country and there were people picketing!  I have heard of this happening but this was the first time that I actually saw footage of it and what these Patriot Guard Riders do.
First of all, let me say that what sickened me the most was the fact that these people were from a church!  What were they doing there, at a church funeral service, picketing in the Name of God?  I truly, to the depths of my soul, don’t believe for one minute that God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit were standing there with them!!  It was an insult to me and my faith.

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