Pride, Humility, Love and Wisdom

“Pride divides.  Humility heals.  Love connects.  Wisdom sustains.”   Eyob Kassa

Are you filled with pride?
It will always bring divide.

Don’t you see you’ve lost
and know not the cost?

Humility’s what heals
the soul that pride steals.

Rather than take a bow
deflects all praise somehow.

While love connects us all
that in pride we don’t fall.

Declares the Truth out loud
to those who would be proud.

With it’s wisdom that sustains
giving the Life it contains.

Pointing them to the Light
Who gives all power and might!

Pride, humility, love and wisdom
to whoever calls will come.

Just be careful of which one
ruled your life when it’s done.

Teresa Marie   4/12/11 – 6/25/12 ©

6 thoughts on “Pride, Humility, Love and Wisdom

  1. Hello Teresa,
    It is so beautiful. Your poem is so amazing and I love it.
    Thank you for being a good friend.

    1. Eyob, You are most welcome. As soon as I read what you said, the poem started popping into my mind! You are a wise man, my friend, and it was a pleasure writing this one just for you! May God always richly bless you, Teresa

    1. Hiwot, Thank you and yes it is. The poem came to me almost immediately after I read what Eyob had written. We all need more virtue and less of wanting our own proud moments. God bless, Teresa

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