Fallen Angels


When Lucifer fell from the heavens above
due to the pride he held within
he took other angels with him too
who had followed him into his sin.

No longer were they welcome there
after the war in heaven they lost
the Father said, “I cast you out too!”
which was the greatest of cost.

Never again to have heaven’s light
when they fell He took it away
to forever live in the darkness to
be demons in hell from that day.

When they followed the Angel of Light
’twas the biggest mistake of them all
’cause when you wage war against God
you are most surely to fall.

Teresa Marie   4/17/11 ©

2 thoughts on “Fallen Angels

  1. I believe in angels and demons and would warn people to take heed that a spiritual co-existance does take place between them and us. Jesus has not yet returned and so His Angels sometimes do His bidding (protecting & guiding some). Satan has not yet been unleashed on the world and likewise it is his angels (fallen) who do his work for him as well. I believe that in my own life experience that God has sent an Angel specifically to protect me. I should be dead. I was one of the First Nations (Indian) that the Saskatoon Police dropped out of the city in the dead cold winter. They took my jacket and my shoes and just left me there. I believe God was watching out for me that night and perhaps (if He did not intervene directly) sent an Angel to keep me safe from death. Jeremiah 29:11 and Hebrews 13:5 (“I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee) comes to mind.

    1. I too believe that I have an angel that has watched closely over me all my life and saved me from many perilous situations that I put myself into. Thank you so much for your comment and sharing your experience with me! God bless you greatly, Terri

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