Not as Perfect


As a knot appears unexpectedly in a thread, so disappointment blocks the smoothness of life. If a few deft strokes can untangle the skein, life continues evenly; but if it cannot be corrected, then it must be quietly woven into the design. Thus the finished piece can still be beautiful- though not as perfect as planned.



The threads of our lives
are colored a rainbow hue
for a perfect intended design
to weave them all into.

But as with any thread
a knot can somehow appear
that halts all our progression
when we thought it was near,

To a fully finished design
of beauty for all to see
but now there’s a knot
and perfection ceases to be.

Yet, in the Master‘s hands
Who takes all our threads
and weaves His own design
unthought of in our heads,

It becomes a thing of beauty
this ceation of His design
that He lies upon my bed
for the threads He used were mine!


Teresa Marie   5/2/11

2 thoughts on “Not as Perfect

  1. Wonderful blog, background and set up. Can I ask how you got that font so BIG?

    1. Hi Jackie, Haven’t talked to you in a while. I went with that new Mystique theme, played around and found two wallpapers that work for the background and then went to my Typekit Foundry and chose a chunky font and a bolder font. I thought that it worked out pretty good too. If you want to know the specific fonts I used, let me know. Good to hear from you again! God bless as always, Teresa

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