My Wednesday Thoughts – The Family I Love


Good Morning to you all, I hope and pray that everyone survived the deadly storms of yesterday.  Today I am asking for you prayers once again on behalf of myself and the family that I love so dearly.

Yesterday, a tornado touched down approximately 35 miles north of our house.  More dangerous weather is headed our way today.  I don’t worry about it too much because I trust our Lord and angels to protect us, as they did a couple of days ago, but I would much rather it come when Mark is home with me.  Beings that I will be here alone, it does make me a little more nervous.  Please say a prayer for me.

My 80-year-old mother is having double knee replacement surgery beginning in 5 minutes.  She is in good health and I don’t expect any problems but I do ask that you say a prayer for her and her recovery.

My daughter is doing as well as can be expected.  She and her husband have finally talked in-depth about what she has decided to do.  He is, of course, now desperate to save his family.  She told him that her plans are to file for separation immediately; he has to move out; get help to overcome his alcoholism;  prove to her that he loves her and the children enough to change his ways; if he does all of that, she will consider reconciliation.  She loves her husband and doesn’t want to divorce him. Please continue to pray for her.

I don’t know what is going on with my husband but I do know that something is making him unhappy.  I don’t believe that it is me, we deeply love each other, but I there is something happening with the new job that is causing him displeasure.  Also, he is suffering physically.  I don’t know if he is in the first stage of arthritis or what but he is in a lot pain.  It makes me very sad to see him like this.  We both had such hope for this new job being the one he will have for the rest of his life to enjoy.  So please pray for him as well.

Finally, I need prayer myself.  I have been suffering problems on and off with my knee as well.  Of late it has been becoming an everyday thing.  I don’t think that I can go on much longer without going to a specialist.  I have been trying to hold off to see how mom does with this surgery and what she thinks about the doctor that is doing it.  If she is happy with him, that is who I will go to but that will just add more expense to our already tightly stretched budget and I hate to put more stress on Mark about money.  He has this better paying job but, after he pays his half of the insurance benefits, he is bringing home less than he did at the other job.  I know this is probably one of the things that is bothering him. 

And those are my requests of you all today.  Thanks you for those thoughts and prayers.  Until later…

Always remember that Jesus died for us because He loves us!

Humbly yours,
Teresa Marie

4 thoughts on “My Wednesday Thoughts – The Family I Love

  1. I definitely will pray for you. I can relate to your situation on so many levels. I also have MS, and live near Joplin where we have been living with the effects of a tornado this week. I pray today you find strength and direction for these requests.

    1. Trish, Thank you very much for your prayers! It’s nice to talk to someone else who has MS and knows what an up and down life you have with this disease. I feel so very much for you and all of the people around this country who are dealing with the devastation of these storms and tornados. I will continue to pray for them and will also add you in those prayers. God is always faithful to Mark and I. He includes our children in His care as well. We will make it through these trials, just as we have through the ones in the past, by His grace and blessings. Thanks again. God be with you, Teresa

  2. Hi!
    I just read your post and was wanting to know how your mom is doing – you said she is in a nursing home – for how long?
    As far as your knee problems – have you tried glucosamine/chondrotine? I know you have MS, but it might help. When I turned 50, I started having joint pain in my shoulders, then in my right hip. Then one day, my knee just went out on me! I had always heard of this supplement so I thought I would give it a try. Amazing!! It is the only thing that keeps me going. I stand for 8 hours a day on my job – could not do it without this. It is a miracle supplement and I cannot function without it!
    I was given the position of health captain at work, because I eat very healthy and am phisically fit. I don’t think I could even do my job without this.
    Worth a try….God Bless!

    1. Leslie, Mom is doing well – thank you for asking. No I have not tried that yet but have heard great things about it. Isn’t that expensive though? I would love to get my joints taken care of but can afford a major new drug cost. Thanks for your comment. God bless, Teresa Marie

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