They May Forget


Children are a precious gift
we are given from above
in our arms them to lift
and smother with our love

They’re wide-eyed and innocent
it is us that they adore
No matter what you meant
although you don’t keep score

Even when they may forget
the words that you said
On their hearts it’ll set
with the feelings they inbed

So choose your words with care
in everything that you say
to those gifts you have there
looking up to you today.

Teresa Marie  6/9/11

4 thoughts on “They May Forget

    1. Thanks Aby! It is very, very true as well. Though I wrote it about children, it applies to adults as well. We have a some unexplainable knack for hurting the ones we love the most with our callous words, God forgive us! We all need to learn how to shut our mouths when we are angry and “do no harm” most of all! Peace and blessings upon you, Teresa

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