Revenge is the raging fire that consumes the arsonist. Max Lucado


Revenge is the raging fire
that the arsonist sets
fueled with anger’s desire
but him it also gets

As it quickly consumes
everything in its wake
and his life it dooms
when God he does forsake

‘Vengeance is Mine”, He said
we must leave it alone
get it through our head
what God does not condone

There is evil that lies behind
the need to hurt another
when it’s in heaven we find
they were our sister or brother

Strive always to walk in love
even when you don’t want to
take the hand of God above
He’ll help you make it through!

Teresa Marie  7/4/11

4 thoughts on “Revenge

  1. thank you for this poem.. revenge is a very bad thing to wish for.. but i know we as humans always want to hurt the people who hurt us right back.. its a struggle to try and keep those feelings of revenge locked up.. thank you for your lovely poem as usual Teresa.. 😀

    1. Thanks Abby and you are welcome! I am so thankful to God that my daughter does not have those tendencies right now with all she is going through!! I love the fact that my children all have inheritted my good qualities more than my faults, lol. And yes, it is often our first reaction to being hurt that we want to hurt them back. I’m not saying that I have never struggled with the thoughts, I guess my parents raised me to know better :). Thanks again and God bless, Teresa

  2. I know.. im glad you have raised your kids to be so good and not have those tendencies, my mum raised me with the same values, whenever i have those feelings of revenging when some1 wrongs me, i just start to think if i want people to treat me in the good way, then i should treat them the right way as well.. 🙂

    1. All I can say is amen to that! I’m glad your mother instilled good values as well. But I must admit that my children, as everybody, have their faults as well, lol. I did spoil them too much, not necessarily with giving them everything that they wanted though. They are all having to deal with their tendency to be selfish at times. Oh well, at least they do recognize it and strive to overcome it! 🙂 Mark always jokes, “You can’t tell that they’re your kids!” I wouldn’t trade them or him for all the wealth and riches of Solomon! Thanks Abby, I always enjoy hearing from you. Peace and love, Teresa

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