Perfection is God’s Business

I am careful of one thing
which is not to ever confuse
that perfection to life I bring
when about it I have no clues

But excellence is within my reach
and what I do strive for
this is what my kids I teach
on earth we can’t do more

‘Cause perfection is the business
of God and God alone
a point that I do stress
 in creation He has shown

And so while I’m still here
it’s excellence that’s my goal
when I enter heaven it’s clear
 that perfection becomes my soul.

Teresa Marie   7/6/11


5 thoughts on “Perfection is God’s Business

    1. Thanks Pat! It is one of my greatest blessings from God that I am able to do this for the encouragement, comfort and inspiration of others. I take comfort from Him and want to give Him honor and glory! Love ya too 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! The background is actually a desktop wallpaper that I downloaded to see what it would look like and I loved it too 🙂 God bless, Teresa

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