I Know

I know He always hears us
when help from Him we seek

I know He gives us strength
when we are found so weak

But dear God what more?

I know that He’s with us
through each and every trial

I know that He’s beside me
and walks with me each mile

But dear God what more?

I know that He does listen
when we hold hands and pray

I know that He blesses us
as we go on our way

But dear God what more?

I know I’m barely holding on
and grasp His garment’s hem

I know He’ll see us through
when we have a problem

But dear God what more?

I know my precious Father
does His children most adore

I know that in this crisis
He works behind the door

But dear God what more?

Teresa Marie   7/19/11


4 thoughts on “I Know

  1. So beautiful, Terri. It is good to remember that everything in this life offers us a lesson, a chance to grow. When I ask the questions, What can I learn from this? I am no longer a victim…I am a person willing to go through a difficult time knowing that I can grow from it. Much love coming your way! Hugs, pat

    1. Thanks Pat! I truly appreciate your comment, compliment and encouragement, especially right now! God is faithful to us always. I do know this 🙂 That is what we must hold on to in times like this. There is much to learn for us all through these trials. My children are finding strength that they never knew they had before and know it comes from Him. He’s leading them home! Glory be His Name!! And much love coming back to you too! Hugs, Terri

  2. That is so true Teresa. As the scripture also says in Rom. 8: 28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” God bless you my friend! Eyob

    1. Thanks Eyob, Yes, yes, yes He does! I am never lost when I have Him at work for me. Everything that I’ve been through is coming around for the good He has planned, I know this is true. If we had not been so artfully prepared prior to this day, we truly could not take it standing up but we were and are. Praise God and His infinite wisdom. God bless you as well my friend, Teresa

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