Memories and Friends

Forever lasts a memory
So build them every day
Tomorrow you will see
They are all that stay

You blink your eyes
The years have flown by
Before you can realise
That your memories won’t die

True friends stay together
Through the thick and thin
Hard times they weather
From when they first begin

And never say goodbye
No matter what the distance
On friends you rely
For all of time’s existence

With you they will go
Into the great unknown
To reap what you sow
The harvest love has grown.

Teresa Marie  7/28/11

2 thoughts on “Memories and Friends

  1. very beautiful poem Teresa, it made me remember my own friends who passed away a while ago, it was the most terrible time of my life, when ever i think about it a tear rolls down my cheek.. but this poem makes me feel better.. 😀

    1. Thanks Aby darlin’! I knew that you would appreciate it because of your lost loved ones. Material things come and go but memories can never be taken from you and as long as they remain, your friends are always with you. My love and hugs, Teresa

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