God gives us a talent
not for us to shine
but that it be spent
for His glory Divine

So to them we bring
the Light of heaven above
where forever the angels sing
before the throne of love

All for His glory
do we breathe and live
and tell the greatest story
of the One God did give

Your talents are a gift
that God has given you
that you may then lift
what praises are His due!

Teresa Marie  7/28/11

4 thoughts on “Talents

  1. i used to be a very good drawer,painter and writer when i was young, but then at around 16 years old something happened which made me close up and never do any of these things again, it took me quite a long time, 4 years to be exact to get back into everything again, and it was a struggle doing it all over again, but after a year of getting back into my talents and what i love to do, my life is much more happier and fulfilling than before,.. thank you for this amazing piece of work Teresa, it seems like most of what you write affects me directly..lol..:-)

    1. Aby, Do you ever put any of your art on your blog? I’d love to see some of it! I always wanted to draw and paint myself, my dad was pretty good with oil paints, but just didn’t have the confidence I needed. I was always verbal though and I believe that writing is my gift. Oh, by the way, I think that we may be soul-sisters, what do you think? lol! Hugs, Teresa

      1. lol.. i completely agree..we definitely are soul sisters.. i havent really put any of it on my blog, one day soon ill do it.. i think you should try it, its never too late.. 😀

  2. I might try it again. My dad cleaned out his stash of drawing books and gave them to my youngest not too long ago. Maybe I’ll borrow them from her and try a few drawings to see if I have his talent. Like you said, it’s never too late… 🙂

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