Not A Word

Now the fireworks
that desire display
have beauty lost
turned to grey

For, my love,
you left today
not one word
did you say

Where did we
lose our way?
Where’s the love
of yesterday?

My heart’s gone
lost in the frey
now you’ve become
my anger’s prey

I am so hurt
 you went away
I want revenge
this very day

But I love you
what can I say
to make you run
right back today?

God help me, please,
don’t let me stay
so broken hearted
this I pray

Teresa Marie   8/12/11



2 thoughts on “Not A Word

    1. Aby, You have no idea of how dear you have become to me. I always look forward to your comments. It’s like you are one of my “adopted” kids, I have many 🙂 But I truly want to say that I feel the same way about you. I haven’t gotten to your newest post yet but promise that I will and I don’t make promises lightly ’cause I refuse to break them! Love and hugs, Teresa

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