The Proud Native American

One day I saw a painting
of a Native American face
looking strong and proud
full of beauty and grace

And it made me think
of this noble people’s plight
just to retain their heritage
has been a constant fight

I see those same traits
in my dear husband Mark
etched upon his handsome face
with skin tanned summer dark

He’s proud to have the blood
of a Native American lineage
and I think of long ago
when they’d have called him savage

I cannot help but feel
that it’s a crying shame
what once was done to them
in the guise of Jesus Name

For God had created them
just the way they were
and truly do I doubt
He saw them as unpure

I’m proud to be the wife
of what was once termed “breed”
for him I’d give my life
if he were in any need!

Teresa Marie  8/6/11

4 thoughts on “The Proud Native American

  1. very beautiful picture Teresa, and the poem is so insightful and amazing.. i never really knew much about native Americans apart from what i see on tv, but i know that they are very proud people.. 😀

    1. Thanks Aby, It is sad to me that they would take the children, cut off their hair and not allow them to use their native language but rather forced them to speak English. Many Native Americans are now trying to reclaim their lost heritage, which I think is admirable. 🙂 Blessings and hugs, Teresa

    1. Amen! We could learn a lot from them about community and caring for the earth as well (among other things.) Thanks for you comment. Blessings, Teresa

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