No Excuses

There are no excuses
no matter what the uses

For most failures come
in their total sum

From those people who
in whatever they do

Have the pecular habit
whenever they can do it

Of making up excuses
as one of their ruses

To shift away the blame
at every time it came

But the truth is
God always watches  this

‘Cause excuse are just lies
which He greatly does despise

Teresa Marie   8/7/11

2 thoughts on “No Excuses

    1. Chris, Me too!, lol. I’m just as guilty as anybody else. Many times when I write my poems, they just fly onto the page and I often don’t think that I wrote it. Who? God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit? I don’t know Who influences what they say but I do know that they are speaking to me as much as everybody else. Thanks for your comment and God bless, Teresa

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