Just Run Away

If I could just run away
and escape my fear and pain

If it’s only for one day
then I might not go insane

Dear Lord, You must help me
or I won’t make it through

Mommy, why can’t I be happy?
That’s all I want to do

I am sorry that I cry
seems every time we talk

But on you do I rely
to push me when I balk

Oh Mommy, Mommy, dear Mommy
you make me laugh out loud

That’s why I call, you see,
you make me strong and proud

No matter how bad I feel
when I pick up the phone

My sadness you will steal
and I know I’m not alone!

Teresa Marie  8/11/11

For you, Shawna Marie, with all my love!

2 thoughts on “Just Run Away

    1. Thanks Aby, I knew as soon as I heard her voice on the phone and said “what’s wrong” that she was going to break down. The crying started and ended in laughter about 20 minutes later 🙂 I thank God for giving me the ability to make people laugh in any circumstance, even through tears! She told me one day that she always knows that I will make it better, even if only for a minute 🙂 hugs

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