Left Standing Alone

You left me standing alone

The church was full today

The ringing of my cell phone

I wanted to run away

I’m sorry’s all you said

With so many staring faces

Wished you were dead

A tear my cheek traces

Was none of it meant?

The passion was it fake?

When we lay together spent

Was all a big mistake?

Hate you for doing this

Should have told me before

And given me a kiss

Before you hit the door.

Teresa Marie  8/16/11

Poetry Potluck Week 48:
Passionate Nights of Love

10 thoughts on “Left Standing Alone

    1. Thanks Mike! I know, you’re right, it is sad. I’m relating with the broken hearted right now because my daughter has one and is facing a divorce 😦 Some of her present sentiment is coming out through me. I e-mail her copies of the ones I write for her. 🙂 Peace

    1. Thank you Charles. I can’t imagine it either, or I guess I can 🙂 I would hate to be the recipient of such would be a better way of saying it. Blessings!

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