Adam And Eve, The First In All

Adam and Eve, were first in all

First human beings
that God created

Ever to live
and be appreciated

The first couple
to make love

Ever to walk
with God above

The first having
a child born

Ever to drink
from plenty’s horn

The first to let
temptation win

Ever to then
commit a sin

Yes, Adam and Eve
were the first in all

The first that did
from God’s grace fall!

Teresa Marie  8/21/11


Gooseberry Garden Picnic Week 1 First Offering 

18 thoughts on “Adam And Eve, The First In All

  1. a lot of your poems are on similar lines of adam and eve..can i ask why? lovely poems though im just curious 🙂

    1. Arjun, They are my offerings to a poetry site that I belong to called Gooseberry Garden Picnic. They give you the theme and you submit 1 – 3 poems to go with it. That’s why you have seen 3 poems on Adam and Eve. Thanks for asking! Be blessed 🙂

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