I Choose

I choose to love you
I think that you love me more

Whenever we disagree
you laugh at me and then smile

I choose to love you
and how could I not do so
because you love me even more 

Teresa Marie  8/22/11


The Purple Treehouse – Poetic Form Waka Offering

16 thoughts on “I Choose

    1. Thanks! I guess that I did it wrong but it was the first time for me at any kind of formal poetry writing. Hopefully I will get it right with the next one. I’m so happy that you liked it anyway :)! Peace and blessings

  1. Even though you may have not have gotten the form perfect, you expressed your thoughts very well. And the form is easy enough to fix as well. I find it helpful to write the number of syllables each line is supposed to have at the beginning of the line so I can keep myself straight. It does get easier 🙂

    1. Lola, Thanks for the encouragement and helpful hints. I will try that next week for sure. I know it will take some practice but I had fun trying. Peace and blessings 🙂

  2. beautiful and romantic, to chose love is always a beautiful thing, i chose to love my boyfriend, and even though at times it might be hard, its worth it.. 😀

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