How Do You See It?

Do you look at the world
as God‘s beautiful work of art
or do you shake your head
with unbelief there in your heart?

Have you tried to imagine it
how it was at the start
or see only its present ugliness
and the way it’s falling apart?

Ever looked up at the sky
and envisioned the color of blue
it was in the very beginning
before pollution distorted its hue?

Do you believe there’s no God
nor a heaven or hell too
and this is all there is
it doesn’t matter what you do?

Do you see all of life
with a beginning and an end
but nothing exists then after that
and the Bible is only pretend?

So what about if you’re wrong
and Jesus is really my friend?
What if hell is a place
where eternity the damned will spend?

Is it worth taking the chance
’cause what if I am right
and people will really be condemned
for sinning freely before God’s sight?

There may not be a hell
but then again there just might
doesn’t it ever cause you concern
in the middle of the night?

Teresa Marie  7/4/10

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