Beautiful Disaster

One kiss and it was my beautiful disaster.  -Unknown

Raven, oh raven
what shall I do?

What has this masquerade
now led me into?

It was one kiss
and that was all

That it had taken
for me to fall

Into my beautiful disaster
which has left me

Here talking to you
and crying in misery

Raven, oh raven
now I comprehend

That’s what happens
when you pretend!

Teresa Marie  8/25/11

That one is also for you, Sara.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Disaster

    1. Hey Aby, I thought you might like to hear this, all my girls, ever a step one, are just like me and therefore, each other. Since you are adopted into my little family and these two poems today have been like you, does that make you just like me too? lol! I’ll claim ya!!

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