Rain On Me

I like walking in the rain, because no one sees me crying. – Unknown

When I am sad
when I am blue

Walking in the rain’s
 what I like to do

If I get wet
I don’t even care

And it doesn’t matter
if at me people stare

‘Cause this I know
they can’t see me cry

I don’t have to answer
when they ask me why

I walk in the rain
so I can cry alone

And the pain I feel
I keep to my own.

Teresa Marie   8/26/11 – 6/22/12 ©

From another of Sara’s favorite quotes


9 thoughts on “Rain On Me

    1. I’m sorry, darlin’, that your having a bad time right now 😦 Sara was too last night, she didn’t know whether to cry or punch her teddy bear, lol. She went outside finally and cried for a while. I hugged her when she came in and and said I would not be young again for nothing, lol. I’d rather be old and wrinkled. That made her laugh anway. 🙂 I’m sending you a super sqeeze!

      1. lol, that made me laugh also, :-D, she is lucky she is close to you so that she can simply get an embrace from you, i live continents away from my mom because of university, and i feel that i can never really tell her when i’m sad of something in my life goes wrong because i don’t want to worry her as she is so far. thank you for the squeeze..:-D

      2. I’m glad and you’re welcome, as always. I’m here to make you smile whenever you need one 🙂 I have broad shoulders when you need that too! If you lived close by, I’d even drive over to sqeeze you in person, lol. I hope your day gets better xo

      1. so far so good, he is all smiles so far, so going to run to the grocery store. hope you are feeling better, and you are having a good day. i m planning on calling u this weekend!

      2. Thank God! So happy for both of you 🙂 Other than sinus problems and feeling exhausted, doing much better, thanks for asking. Call whenever you have some extra time, no pressure here!!!! love and hugs, T

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