Your kiss so sweet
on my lips lingers

The gentle caress
of your fingers

Words of love
whispered in my ear

Many years later
can I still hear

Your sweet embraces
full of strength

Your body enfolds me
within its length

In your eyes
the passion I see

Your kiss deep
making love to me

Say you’re mine
forever to keep

I thank God
before drifting to sleep!

Teresa Marie   8/29/11

8 thoughts on “Lingers

  1. This is one of those poems that’s so sweet it makes you warm and bubbly on the inside. I love the idea of the “many years later” . That after being with one person for a long time the passion is still strong.

    1. Thank you so much! I sometimes don’t wonder if it doesn’t get stronger, but just in a diffferent, more comfortable way. I still love my husband more every day. Maybe that how we mirror Godlike love for one another, you think? Blessings 🙂

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