The Loss of Innocence

I mourn for the innocence
that to me is lost

Is there no recompenses
for what it has cost?

I mourn for a childhood
not allowed to see

For you have stolen
it away from me

I mourn the friends
you would not allow

Even though I do
have a few somehow

I mourn the time
you took from me

When you made sure
mom I couldn’t see

Now it’s your turn
time’s come to pay

And it may hurt
as I walk away

No longer will you do
things to me you’ve done

I won’t have to mourn
in the new life begun

I know that God
everything does see

And He is blessing
the life ahead of me!

Teresa Marie   9/1/11

Hold your head high, Sara!  Don’t let anyone ever take that you from. 
I love you more than life itself, Mom

8 thoughts on “The Loss of Innocence

    1. Thanks so much! As long as we keep our eyes on God and not lose hope, there is every reason to be optimistic! We both have our days, but we are hanging tough. God bless…

    1. Lynn, Thanks for the comment and you are welcome. Sometimes I have to wonder if the psychological/emotion abuse is not almost worse than the physical. Bumps and bruises heal quicker than the scars. We will just do our best to love those scars away, with the help of the Lord. Thanks again.

    1. Kevin, Thank you so much! I was blessed with a simple childhood. It pains me that none of my children were because of this one person and my involvement with them. I regret ever being with him EXCEPT for the fact that I have Sara because of it. I am hurting for her and this poem was a culmination of feelings that she has expressed to me. I’m sorry if you have had to suffer the same pain as she has. God bless, Terri

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