Chasing After Empty Dreams

When you waste your life

 chasing after empty dreams

you may find one day

it’s ripped at the seams


What you were waiting for

into your lap to fall

was not worth your life

to waste on after all


For what we don’t have

looks better than what we do

until the day we have it

then it’s luster is gone too


The dream of love worthwhile

the one we should believe

we  need not ourselves defile

in our efforts to achieve


Don’t waste your time waiting

for that perfect one

or when you are older

you’ll regret what you’ve done!


Teresa Marie  9/3/11

4 thoughts on “Chasing After Empty Dreams

  1. I loved the last verse. Nothing I prefer more than reading positive thoughts, so thank you for sharing this !
    Take a look at my blog and tell me what you think 🙂

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