I’m So Afraid

I am so afraid
left here all alone
the more time passed
my fear has grown

Where are You God?
Can You not see
that I’m waiting here
with a deep agony?

‘Cause I can’t hide away
from all of the voices
and they keep telling me
I’ve made the wrong choices

The longer I wait
my hope becomes slim
and the voices say,
“Why wait on Him?”

“Just kill yourself now
get it over and done
then freedom from pain
you will have won!”

But with every breath
I keep holding on
’cause faith in You
is not yet gone

Please come, dear Lord
You must rescue me
before I lose all
of my sanity !

Teresa Marie   9/3/11

2 thoughts on “I’m So Afraid

    1. Thanks Arjun, My daughter asked me to write her another “suicide” poem and so I did this one. She is having a rough time right now but I don’t think she is quite that desperate, just has those kind of thoughts sometimes like a lot of us do. Blessings…

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