In My Room

In my room
do I hide

As the time
I sit and bide

Then no one
can see me

Why’s the world
my worst enemy?

Why can’t they
who I am accept?

What from me
do they expect?

Wish somewhere else
I could live

Where people have
love to give

And the haters
they don’t allow

There must be
a place somehow

I can exist
just as I am

Not forced to live
a life of sham

So I pray
to the Lord

Give me a world
where I am adored!

Teresa Marie  9/5/11

For Aaliyah, chin up little girl, here you are loved just as you are!!  No haters allowed!

2 thoughts on “In My Room

    1. Thanks Kevin! I wrote it for Sara’s friend who is having a hard time at school this year without Sara to be there with her. She is an outcast now, pretty sad situation. Thanks again and God bless, Terri

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