As Angels Sang

The Holy Spirit came
from out of heaven above
and quietly fell upon me
gentle as a dove

As the angels sang
the sweetest of any song
with my spirit was joined
I knew where I belong

At the moment of union
I then began to speak
with the most divine language
that my knees went weak

Not because of this event
I had never ever heard
but thought that it happened
only in the Bible’s Word

So what you should understand
is this moment of such glee
may happen to any mortal man
‘Twas not reserved just for me!

Teresa Marie  9/9/11

2 thoughts on “As Angels Sang

  1. 🙂 great work terri. i have a small request. u have read some of my latest works. ive posted 78 is total and id appreciate it if ud give some of them a read as well when ur free. u seem to enjoy poetry a lot and i have posted about 50 of my own. thanks terri and great poem. cheers 🙂

    1. Arjun, Thanks again for the compliments and I am honored that you would ask me to read some of your poems. Although I am extremely swamped right now, this weekend I promise to try my best to read at least a few of them and build from there. Thanks for always being so faithful to express your thoughts to me too. I appreciate it so very much. Although I write poems for myself, what makes them truly worthwhile is when others read them and like what I have written. hugs, Terri

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