It May Not Seem

It may not really seem
like very much to you

But it’s all I have
in the whole world too

I want you to know
although it looks so small

I’m offering it to you
for you to have it all

Please take care of it
and cherish it as deserved

That the love contained within
will always then be preserved.

Teresa Marie  9/8/11

8 thoughts on “It May Not Seem

    1. Thanks Arjun! I try to be even when I don’t feel it myself. Though I have always tried to remain upbeat and optomistic, I do have my days, especially lately, lol. The stress gets to me sometimes too but why make the situation worse, huh?! As always too, I appreciate the compliments. Blessings, Terri

  1. Terri now your time to get this blog of yours into a book iam looking at doing it with mine through the new app that word press announced the other day i think it was called frikka its site which will turn blog into a book or pdf how not sure i think you should do it.take care from kevin

    1. Thanks Kevin for the encouragement! I saw that announcement too and will definitely be checking it out soon! But thanks for the headsup on it, I appreciate you looking out for me 🙂 Blessings, Terri

  2. Terri it was a year or so ago a couple of ladys who were poets in America who read some pieces i wrote on a dating sight poetry forum who gave me the encourgae to start writing proeperly so mid feb 2011 i started this blog after their advice as they said they saw about a young lad who used to sit by the underground stations in newyork handing booklets of his poetry and oneday he was dicovered and now is quite famous and these two ladys who wrote poety who were quite established said they saw it in me i was shocked by this so this is what inspired me to write.

    1. Kevin, You’re absolutely right, we all need to encourage each other! I think this is a wonderful story of exactly that. God bless those ladies for taking the time to do it! and God bless you too, Terri

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