Yea Though I Walk

The Lord is my Shepherd
His voice do I heed
and I shall not want
He supplies my every need

As I do lie down
to take my daily rest
there in His green pastures
I know that I am blessed

He leads me by still waters
which brings me greatest peace
and He restores my soul
with grace to never cease

There down the righteous path
does He lead every day
all for His name sake
the Truth, Life and Way

Yea though I walk through
the shadow of death’s valley
it holds no fear therein
for my Shepherd covers me

He is ever by me
with His staff and rod
how they do comfort me
my one and only God

While there does He also
prepare a table before me
giving me the seat of honor
in the presence of my enemy

How my cup runs over
as He anoints my head
and He is to me
my very daily bread

Surely His goodness and mercy
shall then ever follow me
and I will see His face
when I’m in that valley

All the days of my life
His glory will I give
and dwelling in His house
shall I forever live!

Teresa Marie  9/9/11

8 thoughts on “Yea Though I Walk

    1. Thank you so much!! Wow, I wrote that a long time ago. Now that I am shorter versed, I realize it is wordier that what is my taste, lol. I may have to revisit this one and then you can let me know which one you like better. Blessings, Terri

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