Here Kitty, Kitty!

Here kitty, kitty!
Wherever can you be?
So many crazy thoughts
well up in me

Did a wild animal
eat my little kitty?
Did she get lost
somewhere in the city?

Looking high and low
her I did not see
‘Til looking out back
in the big old tree

That’s where I found
my precious little kitty
Sitting up in there
looking oh so pretty

Gazing up at her
what did I see
Not one or two
now there were three

All putting on airs
living wild and free
With their little house
built in my tree

As she looked down
kitty said to me
This is my new home
and where I wanna be

I began to cry
it was such a pity
Thought I’d die without
my precious little kitty

“Hush my little child
no need to worry
In the summer shine
or the winter’s flurry

You’re welcome any time
to come visit me!
I just wanna home
and my own family.”

A thought then occurred
to make me very happy
if my little kitty
would only just agree

Okay, I then said
do this for me
When they do come
can I have a baby?

Teresa Marie   9/13/11

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