Shelter From The Rain

Run for shelter
from the rain

Some type covering
I may gain

Where’s there relief
from this pain?

My head exploding
am I insane?

Holding an umbrella
up over me

Gives little shelter
from rising sea

For depression won’t
let me be

When will I
again be happy?

All I do
cry and cry

No matter how
hard I try

The faith that
I once rely

The worry does
to me deny

Oh Lord, please
hear my prayer

Have You one
blessing to spare?

For I need
Your tender care

To save me
from my despair!

Teresa Marie   9/20/11

4 thoughts on “Shelter From The Rain

  1. Yes! Lovely poem, and it’s okay to cry and cry out. Sometimes we have to vent our pain and frustration in order to purge it from us and start fresh. My poetry runs the gamut of emotions, from laughter to tears, joy to anquish. It is often my outlet and serves as a soul cleansing tool. Very nice writing, Terri! Let ‘er rip, girl!

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