Versatile Blogger Award

To be put on the list for a Versatile Blogger Award by ladydiedre is quite an honor and a challenge.

In order to be a winner though, I have to honor the person who listed me, (see above) list 15 bloggers, and jot down 7 things about myself.

So here goes, who I chose and why:

1:  Because she has become so dear to me –

2: Because he keeps me inspired –

3: Because he makes me smile –

4: Because he is so environmentally concerned –

5: Because he is such a caring and supportive friend –

6: Because he is a man of great faith -

7: Because she is a true poet that leaves me the sweetest compliments –

8: Because she is a woman of courage –

9: Because he has been so kind to me –

 10: Because he is my friend –

11:  Because I like to watch his progression as a poet –
12: Because she is a woman of faith –
13: Because he is a man trying to find his way and honest about it –

14: Because she has been supportive from the beginning –
15: Because he is one of my first cyber-friends who inspired me –
 7 Things about myself:
1: I have been disabled for 7 years now with MS
2: I have a loving husband, children and grandchildren
3: I write primarily Christian poetry but do belong to several other poetry sites where I write about whatever their prompt is for
4: I have been extremely blessed in life
5: I had a near-death experience 7 years ago that is indelibly etched on my soul
6: I am homeschooling my 13-year-old daughter
7: My blog and jewelry making are my passions
I think that should do it.
Peace and blessings to all,
Teresa Marie

23 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. thank you so much for putting me in the list Teresa.. in my post you commented.. “See my related post and it you want to accept it, just do the same things that I did.”.. i don’t really understand what you mean..

  2. Thank you for following my blog and the award. I’m going to go ahead and do one of these and I will have to include you. 😀 I’m trying to find the re-blog a post that wordpress used to have its not so easy lol.

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