Frozen Mid-Stepped

The railing was chilling under my fingertips. The moisture streaming from my palms made the contact slick within seconds. I retracted my hand and breathed deeply. The bridge looked sturdy. It would not fall apart, would it? My partner nudged me to begin walking, assuring me that she was behind me at all times. The tour group had ventured forth and we had been left behind. “We’ll be stuck here forever,” my partner’s voice grew worried. I took one step forward and then another. My entire body trembled and threatened to collapse.

– Ermisenda Alvarez

“Go on!”, she said
foot frozen mid-stepped
as I teetered there
I felt so inept

Tears were crusting now
all down my cheek
the bridge was spinning
my knees going weak

As then my friend
swore under her breath
but I couldn’t help
being scared to death

That’s when she pushed
on me from behind
and the bridge’s rail
my hand couldn’t find

As I was falling
the world turned black
I went down like
an old potatoes sack

My friend’s screaming was
last thing I heard
as I began thinking
“This is so absurd!”

And that was all
that I even knew
’til a shimmer of
light before me grew

I opened my eyes
looking at the sun
hearing the sound of
feet as they run

And the bridge was
just beginning to shake
as I screamed out
“Stop! It’s an earthquake!”

Before I could reach
any sense of understanding
people were pulling me
off onto the landing

The tour group hovered
then all around me
their faces there swirling
fast as can be

As the total embarrassment
began to set in
the faces around me
all started to grin

Then next someone said
“Thanks for the scare!
This trip was boring
’til then I swear!”

When everybody was laughing
and that includes me
’twas time to leave
we all did agree

New friends thanked me
for saving the day
a cheesy “You’re welcome!”
was all I could say!

Teresa Marie  9/25/11

 My “picture it & write” submission for this week at

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