Can’t keep me imprisoned
in this cell forever
For I will escape
you’re not that clever

 The time will come
that I get free
And then it’s gone
that I will be

You have the control
over me right now
But won’t last forever
this is my vow

Although you tell me
your love is true
I’m not a possession
that belongs to you

Putting me in chains
won’t do any good
My freedom will come
just as it should

For Almighty God does
protect and shelter me
Until the day arrives
that He sets me free!

Teresa Marie  10/2/11


2 thoughts on “Imprisoned

    1. Thanks Scott! It’s an awful position to be in. To be controled by another and at their mercy is a prison like no other. The thing that gets missed is that we all that control to be taken from us and it’s always in our power to take it back. Abusers prey on us through fear – freedom is only one courageous step away. I truly thought for months that I might be shot at any moment that I was out in the open, that’s what I was told would happen if I left, but I’m still here 10 years later. It took every ounce of courage that I had and the strength of God to get away, it can be done. Peace and blessings, Terri

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