On The Potter’s Wheel

We are all but clay
formed on the Potter’s wheel

And are day by day
molded according to His will

Whatever may happen to us
throughout this life we live

Whether a minus or plus
we must take and give

That we may be shaped
as precious in His sight

From defects have we escaped
in firing through His might

In the Potter’s loving hands
with His care and skill

All through this life’s demands
we must be formed until

That we are made perfect
the shaping may be hard

And not what we expect
when the past is marred

But in wisdom we grow
as in life we age

All this we will then know
when we reach the final stage!

 Teresa Marie  10/6/11

6 thoughts on “On The Potter’s Wheel

    1. Thanks for your comments Charlie! I always say, “I wouldn’t be who I am today if I hadn’t gone through what I’ve went through.” and that’s the truth. Surviving 10+ years with an abusive man made me strong and I learned the meaning of courage. Surviving the drugs gave me an understanding and empathy for addicts that I never had before, etc. Life is a journey of learning and growing, isn’t it?! Peace and love…

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