So Lonely

I’m so lonely Baby
think I’m going crazy

How I’m missing you
but nothing can do

While you are away
my mind does stray

I’m left to think of
the depth of the love

That to only me
you’ve given so selflessly

Since we first met
the more I get

Lonesome for you dear
and it becomes clear

What you mean to me
for you are my destiny!

For Mark, how I love you!

Teresa Marie  10/10/11

4 thoughts on “So Lonely

    1. Thanks! My husband works at a grain elevator and he is working 13 hour shifts, 6 on 1 off during harvest time 😦 And with Sara’s current problem of being trapped at her dad’s, I’m pretty much here all by myself all of the time, which I’m not used to at all. When Mark is here, he is sleeping. So, I wanted to let him know how much I miss him 🙂 Though I’m sure he already knows, lol. I might have mentioned it a time or two. Blessings, Terri

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