Blaming Our Generation








It seems that everybody
is blaming our generation

Yet I don’t understand
and need some clarification

So let’s all give it
a little closer inspection

‘Cause I must ask
of you a question

Before you go push 
us  over the brink

Have you ever stopped
for a minute to think

Who was it that
raised us this way

And who has taught us
as we grew each day?

Before you go off
trying us to shame

Don’t you think we both
must share in the blame?

Teresa Marie  10/12/11


4 thoughts on “Blaming Our Generation

  1. I liked that you ended with sharing the blame rather than trying to shift all of the blame. My mom and I often argue about how I’m not a protester, I don’t put effort into changing what I don’t like about government, but I always shoot back with, “we’re Separatists, not Puritans, where do you think I got it?” My entire religious background was founded on, “if you don’t like it, leave.”


    1. Eliabeth, I had to snicker when I read your comment ’cause being raised Catholic and going to the schools all 12 years, I would have to say that I am a Separatist too, lol. I used to argue in religion classes (during my H.S. years) with one Priest in particular. After getting out on my own, I “seperated” from the Catholic Church. That was when I did my exploration of other churches and found out that they all had things that I didn’t agree with 😦 Thanks for you sharing your thoughts with me!! Blessings, Terri

    1. Thanks Kevin, for the comment, compliment and message!! I appreciate it and will be writing a status update on the blog later to fill everyone in on the latest developments. Peace and love, Teresa

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